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A Gallery of Homoerotic Art

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"Secret Life"
copyright Cynjon Noah
Ebay ID Machinarex

This is a community for the sharing of homoerotic artwork, of all media types. Artwork can range from prehistory to modern times, and be either your own work, or the creation of another. If the work was done by another artist, please give credit if possible.

If the work is for sale, feel free to provide a link to auctions/sites/etc.

There are only a few rules. 1) no posting of work involving minors. 2) BE NICE! If either of these rules are broken, it may result in removal from the community. If you disagree with a post, of course you are free to say so, but please do so as a mature adult.

LJ cuts are not a "must," but if there are multiple or extremely graphic images, please consider doing so.

Due to the nature of the artwork, your profile must list your birthdate for approval of membership.

The name of the community is taken from the book of the same title by Randy P. Conner, a wonderful book which anyone interested in LGBT history should read.

This community is open to people of ALL genders! (including those who don't identify with **any** predefined gender!) ANY type of sexist remark will result in your being banned from the community, no questions asked.

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Von Gloeden